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Estonia – Eesti 

Packing and Shipment

All goods are packed carefully in bubble wrap and decals and photo-etched sets put under strong backing of hard cardboard. Type of packaging can be seen here:

We always try to ship items as fast as possible - usually the next business day after receipt of order. After the shipment we will send you the tracking number.

Insert a product to your cart, then click on the cart and enter your country. The system according shipment weight automatically calculates the cost of postage.

GLS - 14,90 Euro

The weight and size of the shipment does not matter. The price is the same for large and heavy packages and the same for tiny packages.

This type of transport is possible to deliver all kinds of items without restriction.

We provide the benefits of free shipping on shipments of over 300 Euro. So if your order is more than 300 Euro, you get free shipping from us, and the system will benefit bonus in the shopping cart.

Delivery of your shipment usually takes 4 - 5 working days.

After the shipment we will send you an email where you will find the tracking number of your parcel and address for GLS tracking.   Information about status of the shipment can be followed late in the evening on the day of departure.
Parcel tracking URL:

Post - registered letter - from 5,99 Euro (depending on total shipment weight)

Suitable for sending decals, photo-etched, thin and small things. We use bubble envelope and is supported by intra-hard cardboard and wrapped in more bubble wrap.

Matching items are marked with this image:

If the shopping cart contains only the marked items, the system will automatically offer the possibility of transport by registered letter. If you get into the basket for example color (or something else that you can not send by letter), the system will offer you other modes of transport. But if you want shipping by registered mail, please, explore, which item does not belong to the cart.

Each shipment is equipped delivery. We get this report back on the delivery.

Time of receipt of the registered letter is usually one week. The smallest items begin with the price of 4.99 Euro (shipment weight also includes the weight of packaging materials like envelope, etc.). When you buy more items, the price is a little bit higher. Insert a product to your cart, then click on the cart and enter your country. The system according shipment weight automatically calculates the cost of postage.

After submitting your shipment we will send you email with the tracking number.
URL Parcel tracking:

Shipment in your country are delivered by this company:

Shipping method Delivery time
(in days)
Delivery price from
(in Euro)
Free delivery price from
(in Euro)
GLS 4 - 5 14,90 300
Post – registered letter 7 5,99 xxx


Kompletní sortiment světových značek

Hobby Design -výrobce detail-setů, dekálů a resinových doplňků 

Scale Motorsport - výrobce fotoleptaných detail-setů a dekálů

Skladem 200 položek - Renaissance

Skladem 250 položek STUDIO27

Skladem zboží od argentinského výrobce Nicolecron decals

Skladem Top studio detail master

Modelářské barvy Alclad II a Zero paints



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