Ferrari 126C2 Fulldetail Kit - Model Factory Hiro

K433 Ver.A●1982 Rd.2 Brazilian GP #27 Gilles Villeneuve 
 ・This version is based on the 1982 Brazilian GP specification, which without front wing and bigger front brake duct.

K434 Ver.B●1982 Rd.3 U.S. West GP #27 Gilles Villeneuve / #28 Didier Pironi
 ・This version is based on the 1982 U.S. West GP specification, with two separated pieces rear wing.

K435 Ver.C●1982 Rd.4 San Marino GP #27 Gilles Villeneuve / #28 Didier Pironi 
 ・This version is based on the 1982 San Marino GP which performed 1–2 finish by both Ferrari drivers. The size front brake duct is reduced.

K436 Ver.D●1982 Rd.5 Belgian GP Qualify #27 Gilles Villeneuve 
 ・This version is based on 1982 Belgian GP qualifying race, which the last race of Villeneuve. With small front brake duct, different radiator shape, and with front wing installed.
 ・This version will be equipped with 15-inch type front and rear wheels only. (Other version will be coming with 13-inch type.)

Delivery is about 30 days

Please write to your note which version you order. Thank you.

Kód K433 K434 K435 K436
Výrobce Model Factory Hiro
Měřítko 1:12
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