LOTUS TYPE 98T Fulldetail Kit - Model Factory Hiro

[ K439 Ver.A :1986 Rd.2 Spanish GP / Rd.7 U.S. GP ]
This version is based on Round 2 Spanish GP and Round 7 U.S. GP, which A. Senna won both races. 4 pieces of flap rear wings, and the front brake duct are the characteristics of this version.

[ K440 Ver.B :1986 Rd.5 Belgian GP ]
This version is based on Round 5 Belgian GP. The angle of the flaps had been changed and the rear wing specialized for this circuit. Also including differently shaped front and rear brake duct.

[ K441 Ver.C :1986 Rd.11 Hungarian GP ]
This version is based on Hungarian GP which A. Senna finished in 2nd position, fought vigorously with Nelson Piquet from the Williams Honda.

Delivery is about 30 days

Please write to your note which version you order. Thank you.

Kód K439 K440 K441
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